The central of three houses set side by side, one from an original cluster of 5 practically identical two-storey villas designed to be the homes of the children of the original developer. Together they create a singular streetscape. Beautifully weathered stone facades, set high within verdant gardens, peer across tree-lined front gardens down at the tranquil street, itself lifted above the surrounding landscape.

When the only reasonable solution is, we’re told, to demolish, how do you modify, and enlarge, without defacing the original?

We selected to carve down within, in order to preserve the context, retain the green surroundings, and preserve the external volume. In the process, unexpected space emerged to stimulate the imagination.

Construction: Schranz Ltd

Structural Design: MMP Studio – Mangion, Mangion & Partners

Interiors: Diane Pillow – Interior Design



Madliena, Malta


Under construction


Tracey Sammut