Farsons brewery chapel and canteen

Throwback to project completed in 2018 at the Simonds Farsons Cisk Brewery

Designed as a suspended pavilion, aimed as a light addition to the brewery’s existing building; the hanging chapel holds an atmosphere of a sacred space with its diffused light and minimalist design.

This unique project, enclosing a silent and serene space, is hung off the side of an existing structure above a busy, noisy, well trafficked industrial yard. This tiny chapel was designed for those treasured rare moments of peace and contemplation, crammed into a hectic working day. The space was designed with a minimal palette of materials specifically used to reduce sound, to diffuse light, and ensure levels of privacy and intimacy.

Alongside the chapel, Openworkstudio was also tasked with designing a canteen within the industrial fabric of the brewery, to replace the previous one demolished to make way for the new business park. Starting out as an existing covered outdoor break-out space in the middle of an industrial park, this area had to be converted into a welcoming space for the staff to be used at different times of the day.

The project had the objective to create a space that allowed for the canteen to be a place for both casual and even more formal meetings between work colleagues, clients and guests, but also a place to work from, away from your desk.

Photo credits Alex Attard