Openworkstudio in collaboration with Forward Architects design new bar for Cisk within the Brewhouse.

Openworkstudio in collaboration with Forward Architects were tasked with designing the patron’s final experience on the visitors’ tour around the Old Brewhouse – a space that is to act as the spiritual home within the actual home of Cisk where the flavour and spirit of the brew can be enjoyed to the full.

The proposal investigates the value of CISK and its prominence on the Maltese islands by celebrating different moments in which the brand is sought. The design explores the interaction of solid elements and a fluid skin that contrast each other to create an immersive, memorable user experience.

On entering the space, the eye is drawn to the rammed concrete bar whose solid geometry and clear lines express the tradition and familiarity of the CISK brand. This solitary central mass is contrasted with a reflective, encircling crystalline scenography that gives lightness to the space, radiates a liquid warm sensation and ambiance, and sets the brand within its wider context.

Renders by Vizwali